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Custom Fishing Rods

SFG Custom Fishing Rods where custom meets affordable. Ice Fishing to Surf Casting....SFG Custom Rods,"Easy on the Wallet, Tough of the Fish."

Great Lakes Specialty Rods

The Great Lakes offer world class fishing for trout, salmon, walleye and bass. Our Great Lakes Specialty Rods are custom made to meet the challange

Salt Water Surf and Boat Rods

Surf casting Pompano Beach or Tuna Fishing in Gloucester, SFG Custom Rods get fish in the box!

The Ultimate gift idea for any Fisherman! A Custom Fishing Rod from SFG.

Father's Day is quickly approaching! Suprise Dad with a rod custom made just for him! Hurry, time's a wastin'.

Walleye Attack! Crappie Tuna Largemouth Bass


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Custom Fishing Rods

Suppliesforguys makes owning a custom fishing rod more affordable than ever before! Our mission is to provide hand crafted, customized fishing rods that fit into your bugdet as naturally as the rod will fit into your hand.

Great Lakes Specialty Fishing Rods

The greatest fresh water supply in the world, and probably the greatest in-land fishing in the world as well. Custom fishing rods built just for the Great Lakes, and the challenges that the Big Water presents.

Custom Fishing Rods for the Salt & Surf

Fishing the surf in Pompano Beach to Yellow Fin in Gloucester, your Custom Surf Casting or Boat Rod is at SFG Custom Fishing Rods.

What's New

Chris Kempf of New York Reel Repair  

SFG Custom Fishing Rods is pleased to announce our affiliation with New York Reel Repair and Chris Kempf and Western New York's premium bait and tackle shop Captain Bob's Outdoors

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If you are from the Western New York area, check in here to see what going on in the local fishing scene. If you have an article or information that you think may be valuable to our visitors, email it to us for consideration.

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Custom Saltwater Rods are all about components, components and components.

The best saltwater rod is useless if in a few years the harsh saltwater environment starts to destroy critical components.

Our goal is to put a rod in your hands that enhances each and every catch. Part of that is matching components that give both you and the fish a fighting chance. Gear that is oversized will easily get a fish to the beach or the boat, but so would a depth charge! Gear that is undersized can leave an angler frustrated and a fish that breaks off full of hooks or trails a long piece of monofilament behind that can become a death snare for other marine mammals.

The sport of fishing in my eyes is about the battle between fish and angler. The creator has given the fish everything it needs to throw your hook or break your line, it's our job to make that less likely. Using components that match the style and species is a large part of it but with saltwater rods making sure those components can resist the corrosive nature of saltwater is also a big factor. Materials that are naturally non reactive or resistant is the key.

The biggest corrosion issue is the metal components found in most fishing rods; line guides, reel seats, fighting gimbals and while not a rod component the fishing reel. Marine grade anodized aluminum and 316 stainless steel are keys to a long lived high-performance rod.

Please contact us with your requirements and let us put a no pressure, no obligation quote together for you.


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